Use Case: Public Safety

Real time views from dispatched response forces lead to
high situational awareness and better decisions of on-scene commander

Combination with Nokia’s Network-in-a-Box solution allows for deployment
practically everywhere, e.g. mounted inside command vehicles, at temporary
events, along borders, etc.

Easily integrates with existing command systems


Use Case: Event Broadcast

Unmatched latency provides a true real-time experience for mobile users

LTE cameras including compact and robust encoders allow producers to
generate exciting point-of-view perspectives with minimum setup time

Easily integrates with existing production desks


Real Time Video Orchestration is the core technology of Smart Mobile Labs. „Real time“ means milliseconds rather than seconds or even minutes …

Event Broadcast

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Public Safety

High performance, large ecosystem, ample choice of spectrum: LTE is an ideal technology to complement current TETRA narrowband …

Video Surveillance

Campus and object security is a topic of ever increasing relevance for enterprises and public authorities. Connecting surveillance cameras …

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