The Orchestrator – Technology

Real Time Video Orchestration is the core technology of Smart Mobile Labs. „Real time“ means milliseconds rather than seconds or even minutes for generating a video stream and distributing it across a mobile network, without any noticeable delay to the human eye.

One of our first products is a software platform called Orchestrator.
It stands for managed distribution for video transmission.
This distribution enables secure, high-quality and resilient video transmission in real time with minimal latency.

Key Features

  • Real time hardware-accelerated encoding and decoding

  • Real time transmission over LTE networks by means of Mobile Edge Computing, certified on Nokia Liquid Applications

  • Real time camera control incl. bitrate adaptation

  • Real time unicast stream generation with minimal CPU load

  • Real time LTE broadcast (eMBMS)

  • Customizable app for viewing streams on iOS and Android devices

  • Integration with third party control systems, e.g. surveillance centers


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