Use Case: Event Broadcast

In General

Broadcasters are looking for new ways to produce events, to offer exciting point-of-view perspectives to viewers on one hand, and reduce production cost on the other. LTE can complement or entirely replace current technologies for connecting cameras wirelessly, which are expensive to set up and tear down. What’s more, with ever increasing bandwidth and native broadcast capabilities LTE is the prime technology for end users to follow an event over their mobile devices. Smart Mobile Labs have been the first to combine LTE-based video production and LTE-based video distribution into a single solution. Edge Video Orchestration has been implemented at major events, delivering benefits to both media producers and mobile operators, who can now offer a truly immersive event experience to their subscribers.

  • Unmatched latency provides a true real-time experience for mobile users
  • LTE cameras including compact and robust encoders allow producers to generate exciting point-of-view perspectives with minimum setup time
  • Easily integrates with existing production desks
  • Significantly reduces cost of production and allows producing lower profile events at locations without infrastructure for broadcasters
  • Showcased during WTA Finals 2014 in Singapore

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