Why you should choose SmartMobileLabs?

About Smart Mobile Labs

Smart Mobile Labs is developing special solutions for the new mobile radio standard LTE. Our focus is real-time with minimal latency as a managed service.
Our doing is based on our extensive expertise in the area of the campus and private LTE networks and our experience in the high-quality transmission and distribution of video signals.

Our Partners

Smart Mobile Labs are working together with leading technology partners for implementing complete solutions into live networks of mobile operators, and to build specialized networks for enterprises and industrial campuses.


Key Competences

Mobile networking, with a particular focus on LTE / LTE-Advanced

Smart Mobile Labs are truly an LTE company. Our experts are familiar with planning, implementing, and optimizing LTE networks end-to-end. Through our technology partnership with Nokia, one of the leading LTE infrastructure vendors globally, we get access to new LTE and LTE-Advanced features well ahead of introduction to operators’ networks.

Real time video streaming over mobile and fixed networks

What started with showcases for demonstrating the performance of LTE evolved to a key competence: video engineering to a level that satisfies even the most demanding customers, such as, broadcasters. When we say “real time” we mean no notable delay to the human eye. When we say “quality” we mean no artefacts on the receiving end.

Realization of “impossible” projects

We are a team of seasoned telecommunications professionals, with a proven track record of delivering projects on content and on time. Consider Smart Mobile Labs also for building your showcase. If needed, we will bring the LTE network to you (within one of our vans), to make mobile innovation tangible for your target audience.

Pioneering Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)

The introduction of general purpose compute capabilities to the highly distributed radio network is being standardized by a group of companies from different domains of the wider mobile ecosystem, under the auspices of ETSI. Smart Mobile Labs’ Edge Video Orchestration was the first application to get certified on Liquid Applications, which is Nokia’s MEC platform, and since then has been deployed into live networks of operators worldwide.

MEC portal:

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